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#1763: Create front-end design for "adopt-me"
 Reporter:  samuelsidler                             |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement                              |      Status:  new
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 Keywords:  ui-feedback 2nd-opinion has-screenshots  |
Changes (by Travel_girl):

 * keywords:  ui-feedback 2nd-opinion => ui-feedback 2nd-opinion has-


 I thought about different variations to display "Adopt this plugin".

 Option 1:
 A Notification under the "Translate Me" Message. I think it is a good spot
 to display it under, so the call to action for contribution is together.
 The translation call to action would probably effect more people, so it
 should be displayed first.
 This is my favourite.

 Option 2: A Message under the Warning. Would be also a good spot, but not
 sure if this could worried other people to use it, as the style looks more
 like a warning.

 Option 3: The Message could be displayed in the Sidebar. Is a bit less
 prominent and it would not be purple, to make the Design more consistent.

 An other (or additional) option would be, to display the message in the
 tab "Contribution" on the top. I think it would be a good spot to show it
 also there. But I think it would not ne visible enough, if this is the
 only place to see it.

 The tag "adopt-me" on the side is really easy to miss. So I vote for an
 extra message, beside that.

 As @obenland mentioned it is hard to include links, I was not sore, what
 would be possible to include as a button or link. But it would be nice to
 link to a handbook-page that explains maybe, how the process is to take
 over a plugin.

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