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#4171: Ability to temporarily block translation editors & show a warning
 Reporter:  eclare                    |       Owner:  (none)
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Changes (by Luciano Croce):

 * keywords:   => 2nd-opinion
 * priority:  normal => high


 Replying to [ticket:4171 eclare]:
 > **Here are my requests:**
 > 1. Easy: somewhere near the *.po import buttons, place a warning saying
 “If you submit a translation which was done automatically (like using
 Google Translate) and isn’t manually corrected, ALL the strings will be
 rejected, even if a lot of them came out correctly. If you did the whole
 translation manually, you don’t need to worry.”. Maybe even warn: “You
 will be blocked from further submission to all projects for 2 weeks.”.
 > 2. Enable the GTEs to actually block translation submission from such
 accounts, for 2 weeks seems fine.
 > 3. Enable GTEs to bulk-remove all non-accepted translations made by a
 user for all projects at once.

 Very good, but I suggest more others steps:

 4. Banning "declared" spammers from the translation platform.
 5. Temporarily blocking of contributors that make translations in
 languages different from the target: for example contributors that send
 Latin strings (or other slangs) in English UK context (or similar case).
 6. Extend all these features to PTE's too.
 7. Notify of all corrective actions. For example: PTE's corrective actions
 is notified to GTE's -> GTE's corrective actions is notified to LM's ->
 LM's corrective actions is notified to Global Mentor's.
 8. Add the possibility to enable/disable this type of notifications
 (described in step 7) in personal control panel of PTE/GTE/LM.
 9. Optionally report to themes/plugins review team the author that
 deliberalely make readme.txt or themes/plugins file in languages different
 from the en_US (this case make impossibility to PTE/GTE to make propery
 10. Optionally reject all Latin strings in English UK context (for

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