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Fri Feb 1 00:18:51 UTC 2019

#4027: Support posts which have been closed to replies, and have no replies,
should be noindex'd
 Reporter:  jonoaldersonwp  |       Owner:  dd32
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  lowest          |   Milestone:
Component:  Support Forums  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  seo             |

Comment (by coffee2code):

 @joostdevalk: I'm not sure I agree with the assessment that the requests
 from #4025 and #4027 were implemented slightly wrong. They were
 implemented as requested.

 #4025 essentially wanted a change for older topics, which were at the time
 getting a `noindex, nofollow`, to instead get a `noindex, follow`. Line 46
 is what targets these older topics (more than a year since last activity).
 `( time() - get_post_time( 'U', true, $post ) > YEAR_IN_SECONDS )`

 #4027 (this ticket) requested that `noindex, follow` be added to any
 closed topic with no replies. That is the purpose for line 49:
 `( bbp_is_topic_closed( $post->ID ) && ! bbp_get_topic_reply_count(
 $post->ID, true ) )`

 Making the proposed change to line 46 would only have the effect of ALL
 older topics no longer getting any `<meta name="robots">` tag at all. The
 proposed revised line 46 is largely moot since all topics older than 6
 months (or perhaps it's 6 months since last activity; regardless...) are
 auto-closed anyways.

 I believe we still want all older topics (for some arbitrary time ago;
 currently 1 year, though I could see this being changed to longer ago) to
 be noindexed. And if it's a closed thread with no replies, we want the
 noindexing to happen sooner (currently 6 months). All of which is the
 current behavior.

 Could you provide more explanation of why you want the behavior to change
 from what was original requested and currently implemented?

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