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#4730: unbalanced HTML in Plugins Home page
 Reporter:  joyously                    |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect                      |      Status:  reopened
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Comment (by dufresnesteven):

 There is definitely debate as to whether an icon that **does** have text
 next to it needs an alt tag and based on the component itself, I would
 agree it may not be necessary. But if we look at this component in the
 flow, it isn't apparent.

 For example, on the `/plugins` page, tabbing through doesn't go through
 the expected flow. Instead of reading the Heading to contextualize the
 section, we go directly to the "See All" link and then to the plugin

 It sounds like this when you tab into the Block Enabled Plugins section:

 **"Main section heading: See all block enabled plugins, link"**

 ''Tab to select a plugin''


 ''Tab to icon''

 **"Icon XXXXXX, link"**

 ''Tab to title''

 It then reads the name of the plugin.

 If the plugin doesn't have the word "Plugin" in it, theres no way to tell
 you are focused on a plugin.

 You can try this extension to validate:

 **Note: we should probably also add a title to the `<a>` tag that
 surrounds the `<img>` since there is no way to tell where it's going.

 Replying to [comment:16 dd32]:
 > Thanks @dufresnesteven.
 > I'm actually not even sure that this should have an alt, and if it
 should, if it shouldn't just be an `alt=""`.
 > The image is almost purely for decoration, and the plugin name will
 always be included next to/after it in terms of a screen reader, so I'm
 actually thinking that this will increase the burden upon the viewer
 without actually providing any benefit of context. Thoughts?
 > > The %s plugin logo
 > As an FYI, I think this should only be referred to as the plugin
 **icon** since it's not always the logo of the plugin, and may also be

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