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#4675: Profile activity: WordCamp year shown twice
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Changes (by coffee2code):

 * component:  Profiles => WordCamp Site & Plugins


 I believe this falls on the WordCamp side of things and may've just been a
 temporary situation based on WordCamp naming that has since been corrected
 (though that wouldn't "fix" the activity entries that had already been

 The activity log strings for WordCamp speakers (as cited in ticket's
 screenshot) is constructed
 activity-handler.php?rev=3915#L507 within the Profiles activity handler].
 It directly uses the `wordcamp_name` value as sent in the data payload
 from WordCamp.org. Which means "WordCamp Moscow 2018 2018" was what was
 sent to Profiles.

 participation-notifier.php?rev=8908#L359 sends] as the `wordcamp_name`
 payload the return value of `get_wordcamp_name()`. That function does
 /wp-content/mu-plugins/4-helpers-wcpt.php?rev=8980#L126 append a year] to
 the WordCamp name provided in the corresponding post.

 The function description says:

 The results of bloginfo( 'name' ) don't always contain the year, but the
 title of the site's
 corresponding `wordcamp` post is usually named 'WordCamp [Location]', so
 we can get
 a consistent name most of the time by using that and adding the year (if

 The code does not check to see if the post title already contains a year,
 so the convention probably is to not include the year there. WordCamp
 Moscow 2018 probably put the year in there. As speakers were confirmed,
 `get_wordcamp_name()` tacked on the year, resulting in "WordCamp Moscow
 2018 2018". The activity entries would require a manual update of database
 fields to remove the duplicate year since they are stored as strings.

 On the WordCamp side of things, `get_wordcamp_name()` should probably
 account for the possibility of a year in the post title and not append one
 if already present.

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