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#4684: Trac 'reports' crawl and indexing controls
 Reporter:  jonoaldersonwp  |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect          |      Status:  new
 Priority:  low             |   Milestone:
Component:  Trac            |  Resolution:
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Changes (by dd32):

 * priority:  normal => low


 > * Remove default sort (and other) parameters from pagination links.
 E.g., the link to 'page 2' in this state includes a redundant `asc=``
 parameter. This is the default behaviour, and it should be removed.
 That's Trac integrated behaviour, I don't think we'll be modifying that,
 it requires too much digging into the way Trac works.

 > * Add a canonical URL tag, referencing the current report and paginated
 state, omitting the (now removed) `asc=1` parameter.
 For some reports, that won't be possible due to the complicated things
 that happen behind the scenes in Trac.
 For example, take a look at the reports on the Themes Trac, for an idea of
 what future reports on core.trac may look like.

 > * Update the page title to include the paginated state (E.g., `{5} Next
 Major Release – Page 1 of 5 – WordPress Trac`)
 Due to the way Trac templates work, while we can filter the title, it's
 significantly harder to insert content into the middle of the title,
 prefixes and suffixes are doable, but won't work with the current
 structure (which we also can't change)

 > * Add (or modify the output of) a meta robots tag with a value of
 `noindex, follow` on all requests which include the following parameters:
 `max`, `sfp_email`, `sfph_mail`, `sort`, `USER`, `asc`
 The `sfp` args are present on a lot of requests, and as you've noted are
 mostly useless. The `USER` parameter and a few others similar to it
 completely change the pages content though into a new report.

 Most of these things seem like low priority tasks which can be done
 individually, but don't really seem like they'll improve the user
 experience, so are going to remain as a low priority fix in the scheme of
 Trac things.

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