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#3644: Remake of the learn.wordpress.org site
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Comment (by netweb):

 Welcome to Meta Trac Julie and thanks for creating the ticket :)

 I've spoken to Julie in Slack in regard to the above proposal and my
 suggestion was to use the "''GitHub Markdown importer''" currently being
 used for the wp-cli and REST-API docs hosted at

 The training team currently have ~100 lesson plans hosted on GitHub, each
 repo is its own lesson plan, each lesson plan has a standardised

 >> images (image assets folder)
 >> slides (slides folder)
 >> README.md (The lesson plan)


 Looking at how the above tool would address the teams dreams:

 > Push a big red button and send a completed lesson plan from GitHub to
 the Learn site.

 The training team would maintain a
 manifest.json] containing the lesson plans that would be required to be
 sync'd to https://learn.wordpress.org by the "''GitHub Markdown
 importer''". Each time a new lesson plan is ready for deployment adding a
 new entry to the `manifest.json` file would be that "big read button" and
 would then be automaticly sync'd to https://learn.wordpress.org/

 > Have one theme for all the lesson plan slides. That might require a
 place for “master” CSS and JS files. (Each lesson plan would have the HTML

 A new theme for https://learn.wordpress.org site can be created or adapted
 from any of the existing themes such as
 /wp-content/themes/pub/wporg-developer wporg-developer] or
 /wp-content/themes/pub/gutenberg Gutenberg] themes once feedback from the
 Design team has been received.

 > Bundle those CSS/JS/HTML file for downloading for offline use

 This would be part of the above theme functionality, possibly also
 supporting Markdown and PDF exports

 * #3593 to "Centralize GitHub Markdown Importer" as a couple of variations
 of this tool currently exist.
 * #3377 Sync Coding Standards content from GitHub to DevHub

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