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#2753: Plugin directory search sorting and filtering
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     Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new
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Comment (by boemedia):

 We discussed this ticket yesterday in the Design meeting. We think the
 plugin directory could hugely benefit from a sort & filter feature. I have
 taken a look at the mock ups in this ticket and here are my findings:

 - the way the filter and sort buttons are designed, aren't coherent. They
 have a different look and feel and are too distributed on the page
 - the term refined search could be changed into 'filter', since this is a
 common and well known term for this.
 - the filter options are now presented in a pop up. This is not ideal and
 I don't think this gives a good user experience. We gave to ask the
 accessibility team for their view on this too

 As for the filter options themselves:
 Not sure if a filter on 'support threads resolved' would be something
 users look for. What filters could be interesting?
 - topic (like security, seo, user management, etc.). Someone is looking
 for a plugin with a specific purpose
 - last updated - we don't like plugins that aren't updated over 3 years
 (maybe combined with tested with versie x.x)
 - rating (although not sure if this should be a filter option; may work as
 well as a sort option, just like no. of installs)

 This list could be extended, although we should consider that the more
 filter options people have, it's not always getting clearer at the same

 For inspiration, we could look at what's done at the themes directory:

 I also think the booking.com filters are something we could look at, since
 they've done a lot of UX research: [https://www.booking.com/searchresults

 What I like about the booking.com filter over the themes filter is, that
 it's there all the time. You can filter and sort from the same screen.
 However, the page is not mobile friendly, which is something I really like
 on the themes page.

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