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#3692: Add CamelCase support from plugin names as per PSR-4 Autoloaders standard
 Reporter:  KestutisIT        |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement       |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:
Component:  Plugin Directory  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  2nd-opinion       |
Changes (by KestutisIT):

 * keywords:   => 2nd-opinion
 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  wontfix =>


 Replying to [comment:6 Otto42]:
 > At this time, folder name and slug must be identical. The WordPress core
 code itself uses the folder name to check for updates and to match plugins
 against our slugs.
 > Until the WordPress core code itself no longer does this, and uses a
 different method for determining updates, this is a wontfix. If that
 changes in the future, then this may be reconsidered.
 Otto42, I disagree with you that is HAS to match it. I don't see why the
 suggested code lines cannot be added to the uploader file, as you can
 check for update by the slug, but when you create a folder you can use
 "Namespace" meta parameter name, as it will work and solve this issue. I
 want that release lead of WordPress would give his opinion, and I disagree
 that issue would be deleted. Also, as I wrote to Matt, and he said that
 this ticket should be here, I want Matt's input here, at least a feedback
 is the proposed core changes may happen in one of upcoming versions. Also
 the XWP team (mostly by Josiah Wold) I met on WordCamp said that they will
 help to make this more public issue, so they may still endorse this, and
 it there would be "Upvoting" feature for the ticket, I believe it would
 collect more upvotes.

 So this has to:
 1. Get 2nd opnion from release lead.
 2. This ticket should stay, and should not be deleted, as there is A NEED
 from AT LEAST 10.000 plugin developers from Envato with active
 installations (that use my EnvatoToolkit with SolidMVC pattern) and
 GitHub, who don't use yet w.org, so the customers who uses their plugins
 can be even over 1M+ and that is more than strong argument to consider
 giving this priority.
 3. As Ma.tt said on WordCamp that this has to be discussed and I should
 create a ticket here, I do hope to get his feedback on this ticket as

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