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#3046: WordPress.org/about page outdated
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Comment (by mapk):

 Replying to [comment:8 obenland]:
 > I like the shapes and most of the colors, though I think I'd prefer the
 header blue to be the same color as the rest of the page we redid
 recently, for consistency. Happy to experiment with shapes and a second
 color though.
 It looks like this might happen since a11y isn't working here.

 > I really like the idea of a dial, though we should make sure to have
 relevant screenshots for each year. We also need to keep in mind that that
 will be something that will need to be updated and maintained.
 Great point. I'd be happy to stay on top of this.

 > Would he hijack scroll to move the dial only when hovering over the
 dial, or similar to a parallax effect when scrolling the page?
 No scroll jacking. I was trying to think this through as well. Do we first
 change the dial with the user's page scroll, but if the user clicks on the
 dial, they can override that and just change the dial as they please? Once
 they do this, there's no more scrolling with the page scroll until the
 page is reloaded. Yes? No?

 > What will The Technology and The Community pages look like?
 As of right now, these will just by linking to existing pages.

 Tech --> Downloads page
 Community --> Get Involved

 If we're not doing a lot with the subpages of this section, I need to
 figure out a way to get to those pages now. This will take more time.

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