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#3046: WordPress.org/about page outdated
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Comment (by mapk):

 Moving forward into mockups.

 '''Design thoughts'''

 I wanted to stay inline with the current redesign efforts and styles, but
 I also want to introduce something a bit brighter to engage people
 emotionally. The content does much of that, but I've attempted to try some
 color variations and animations as well.


 We have a base set of colors listed here:

 I thought about creating analogous colors off of each of the base colors
 for some brighter variety. These don't all have to be used, but I wanted
 to experiment here and see where it lead me.



 The mockups incorporate the analogous colors, add some geometric shapes,
 and play with animations. The shapes, in a way, was an effort for me to
 show two things (technology & community) overlapping, or integrating, to
 create one common thing. It's represented in the color and shapes.

 1. The header uses the lighter blue in our base color set, but adds some
 angles as well.
 2. The header also includes some text as a nod to the freedoms.
 3. Our Mission is a compilation of existing text and some new wording.
 4. The two skewed rectangles link off to their respective pages as
 mentioned in my earlier comment.
 5. Our Story includes both existing text and new text sharing some of the
 6. The screenshots of the Editor and the dial on the right side are
 animated on scroll. As the reader scrolls down the dial turns from 2003 to
 2018. Each time the dial hits a new year, the screenshot of the Editor
 changes to show that year's editor. I think it's a fun way to show the
 history of WordPress and how far we've come. The last screenshot flip ends
 with Gutenberg in 2018.
 7. Finally the Bill of Rights, which I believe is hugely important, is
 displayed on the page in a way that is dynamic and interactive. On click
 of one of the freedoms, I was thinking, would then expand to show more
 links to pages that either talk about that, or something. It's an
 interactive tree on desktop, but static in mobile.

 '''Mobile mockup'''

 '''Desktop with 2003 dial'''

 '''Desktop with 2018 dial'''


 1. How do you feel about the colors and shapes?
 2. Do you have any edits for the content? Does the tone and voice feel
 3. Is anything missing that you think should be included on the About

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