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#3489: Tuning plugins/themes for mentioning translators
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 I think it is better to mention '''translators/editors''' of '''plugins
 and themes''' in their '''official locale pages'''
 For example we can add a block '''under contributors block''' to mention
 '''translators of that locale page language'''
 for French locale, in this page:
 We can add a block under contributors block to mention translators
 if there are '''many translators''', we can add '''2-3''' of them and '''a
 link to full page of that locale''' on translate.wp.org:
 in this example:

 In this way '''local users''' can reach '''exact locale translators''' for
 any '''modifications''' or ask for '''completing new version
 And also we will give those translators a credit for their translations
 I am sure in this way we '''encourage more people to participate''' in

 This is same for themes too

 Another things:
 Could you please move the link of '''"Translate into your language"'''
 from the popup to bottom of the line: '''Languages: See all 46'''
 So users can see that link easily and may be they like to participate
 It can be a grey centered link (like tags but a centered block text)

 Thank you very much for your works

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