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#3476: Kilometers range for the nearest meetup
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Comment (by dd32):

 To clarify a few points:
 > Reduce the radius
 I don't think this is something we should consider.

 > Query by square radius, then apply a circle radius on the results to
 limit it to 100km
 I think I may have originally said "square is fine, if a few events fall
 too far from the center we can revisit that later".
 I'm not 100% sure that limiting it to a circle would help greatly though.

 >>Display at least 3 events, showing all events happening in the next ~10
 > I like this idea too, but I think it might be good to cap the total
 number at 5 or 6, to avoid cluttering the UI.
 Capping it seems reasonable.

 >>Increase the number of events which can be shown - Setting this per-
 locale wouldn't be out of the question IMHO.
 > I don't like the idea of doing anything per-locale, because that adds a
 maintenance burden to keep those up to date,

 I was thinking of a translation - `_x( '6', 'The number of meetups to
 show' )` but upon second thought I don't really like that idea here, it's
 not going to help any actual problems.

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