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#3450: browsehappy.com – user's browser first
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 * status:  new => closed
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 I'm actually not against this, but not necessarily for the reasons cited
 in the ticket. As @obenland said, I don't think simply pointing out the
 user's current browser in the list is itself all that beneficial. However,
 coupled with some information to indicate that the browser is or is not
 current would be helpful.

 It's the sort of change that we'd probably implement while doing a bit of
 redesign for the page. I'd like to see the content area laid out with
 three sections instead of the current single section:

 1. For the user's current browser, show the browser along with a message
 indicating if the browser is current or not. For known but un-featured
 browsers, list the name sans icon. For unknown browsers, omit the section.
 This section would also indicate if their current browser is marked as
 2. Browsers supported by the user's OS (equivalent in appearance to the
 current row of browsers, but minus browsers not supported on their OS and
 not their current browser). See
 [https://github.com/WordPress/browsehappy/issues/36 #github-36]. Perhaps
 also randomize the order of browsers listed here so as not to give the
 impression of endorsed browser preferences.
 3. Browsers not supported by the visitor's OS. These would be de-
 emphasized (e.g. grayed out) with a section description explaining that
 the following browsers are not supported. See
 [https://github.com/WordPress/browsehappy/issues/36 #github-36].

 As part of that design change I'd also like to:

 * Remove browser version numbers (see
 #github-29]).[[BR]]Browser versions are an insignificant attribute of
 browsers nowadays and not helpful to show to other browser users. A
 version number would only be helpful when referencing the visitor's
 current browser (e.g. "Your version of Mozilla Firefox is out of date.
 Version 58 is the latest; you are using version 56.")
 * Remove browser descriptions.[[BR]]The descriptions are basically cribbed
 single-line pseudo-descriptions taken from some sort of official marketing
 copy. All are variations of saying they are fast, secure, easy, and/or
 powerful. Nothing too helpful. Also, they require translations to other
 languages, which can introduce a hesitancy to update the strings and could
 lead to newly-changed strings appearing in English while other
 descriptions appear translated (at least until a translation is made, if
 * Drop IE from being a recommendation, unless we know the visitor's
 machine is a pre-Windows 10 machine (in which case Edge is not supported
 and IE 11 is viable).

 The Browse Happy site would need to make use of the Browse Happy API in
 order to get information from the visitor's user-agent string.

 That all said, the systems team would like the site to be more cache-
 friendly, which the above changes don't exactly work towards.

 Strictly addressing the proposal in the original ticket, I'm going ahead
 with closing this as something that would potentially be addressed for
 completely different reasons in a future redesign.

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