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#696: Add markdown support to support forum editor
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:4 dd32]:
 > Replying to [comment:3 obenland]:
 > > @dd32 Would the markdown library we used for plugin directory readmes
 work for this as well? How hard do you think would it be to integrate it?

 Maybe https://github.com/stuttter/bbp-jp-markdown Use Jetpack's Markdown
 in bbPress Forums, Topics, and Replies

 > I really question if Full Markdown is the correct option for the support
 forum though, it's not a syntax which is native to most support-seekers,
 and when you don't expect it, it can affect the content more than you
 might expect. To many of us, it's sane, but to a lot of others it's just
 the opposite.

 bbPress.org used to support markdown, it was buggy, I complained, a lot,
 this was back in the day when I was only contributing to bbPress by way of
 the support forums I believe and I had no idea back then what markdown
 was, some abstract term I'd never heard of that frustrated me no end.

 > Perhaps a more restricted set of markdown could be useful, lists, block
 quotes, etc. but even then..
 > Perhaps even a more restricted set of markdown could be better -
 > Perhaps maybe adopting the Slack format:  {{{*bold*, _italics_,
 ~strike~, `code`, ```pre-formatted```, >quote}}} - at least that would
 mean we don't have yet-another format to deal with (Trac vs Slack vs
 Support Forums vs WordPress itself)

 I'd love to see markdown added, a subset might be just what we need to
 such as the above, we'd need to ensure that it _is_ documented up front,
 maybe a collapsible item on the quicktags toolbar.

 Hey @jjj, got any markdown words of wisdom here when it comes to
 integration with bbPress?

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