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#3239: Plugin notifications
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Comment (by tazotodua):

 I agree with @LewisCowles .
 Maybe the solution (at least) could be the following (@Otto42, maybe this
 is something what you will agree with):

 when submitting a plugin, you get the automatic email confirmtion ("your
 plugin was submitted. please wait for review.. etc..etc."), and can you
 tell me, is that junk mail needed? Dont we know that already, while we
 submit the plugin, that "X plugins are under review" and we have to wait?

 however, we are emailed that unnecessary mail.

 And now, what's about the unnecessary email, instead (or in addition) you
 sent an email:

 "Welcome.. Please wait till your plugin is reviewed...blabla...

 Note, if you wish to stay up-to-date to support request and corespondenses
 on your plugin, click "Subscribe to forum" button here -- http://wp.org

 thus, at least, make people to look attention to that subject, and let
 them know where they can do that.

 this is "one-time" email, upon plugin submission.
 and if you still say that you are not going people to educate (I bet >80%
 of plugin commiters dont know what subscription methods), then it means
 there is happening something behind this that we are not aware of.

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