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#3996: Add chevron to indicate submenu
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 Over time, the official bundled themes have established best practices for
 the navigation menus. I'd like to propose .org to not deviate from the
 research and implementations done for the bundled themes and embrace their
 best practices.

 Twenty Seventeen, for example, does use an arrow for menu items with sub


 The arrow adds useful information for users. This item works differently
 from the other ones, it also has a different semantics. While the
 semantics is communicated (for free) with the nested lists, there should
 also be something to communicate the same information visually.

 Also, on mobile Twenty Seventeen uses a button to expand the sub menu.
 Instead, .org doesn't have anything: on mobile, the menu doesn't even give
 the ability to directly access the sub items:


 Lastly, I'd like to recommend to remove all the `title` attribute used on
 the menu items, for the same reasons why in the last years WordPress has
 been removing title attributes in the admin. See all the work done:
 https://core.trac.wordpress.org/query?keywords=~title-attribute and see
 the main ticket https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24766

 Title attributes are really something that belongs to the past. They're
 available only to mouse users. Screen reader users may get the title
 attributes (depending also from the verbosity setting they set in their
 screen reader) and all that text adds a terrible noise, often to
 communicate not so relevant information.

 For example, I'm not sure what kind of relevant information a sentence
 like "Come here for the latest scoop." adds to the menu item "Blog".

 The general rule we, as accessibility team, recommend is:
 - if the title attribute adds relevant information: consider to make it
 available to all users, putting in plain text somewhere in the UI
 - if the title attribute doesn't add any relevant information: consider to
 just remove it

 Overall, I'd tend to think the .org menu needs some improvements. I'd
 propose to consider to not close this ticket and start from here to make
 the menu embrace the best practices WordPress itself (the software)

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