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#3937: Feature request: Add standardized field for git/svn repo on plugin pages
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Comment (by whyisjake):

 > I've gotten much better help (as a user) by going to github issue
 trackers than I have by going to the support forum. This could be a purely
 cultural thing, but I think it's at least partially structural.

 I think the point that I was trying to make in #3984 was that we could
 look at npm as a good example of a robust end-user and developer focused
 portal for extensions. In addition to pulling in the README like the
 WordPress plugin repo does, there is also a link available to the
 repository where the code is a hosted, and where issues could be created.

 What kind of compounds this, as a developer/contributor, when I see the
 [Developer tab](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/#developers),
 I am always let down that it is just information about the SVN of the
 distribution lib, and not a place to file issues or reach out to the
 developer. It's clear that there is a lot more going on

 > Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the
 development log by email or RSS.

 I'm guessing that very few people are tracking changes this way...

 Ideally, we could have a [repository
 field](https://docs.npmjs.com/files/package.json#repository) and a [bugs
 field](https://docs.npmjs.com/files/package.json#repository), but I'd take
 what we can get at this point.

 > The Directory is for users to find code to use, not for developers to
 find code to help out on, which means we do aim it for users and the data
 they need. Generally that's not going to be a public dev repo.

 I think there is a use case that the directory is a place for users to
 find a way to report issues, and the WordPress.org forums might [not be
 the best way](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/read-this-before-your-
 post/) to report an issue.

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