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#3972: Lack of clarity re: various documentation portals
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Comment (by DrewAPicture):

 @littlebizzy After thinking about it a little bit, I recognize that I sort
 of slammed the door in your face by closing the ticket here. Note: tickets
 don't need to remain open for discussion to continue.

 I recognize there can sometimes be a feeling of powerlessness when it
 comes to decision-making on .org.

 All of the people who are participating in the decision making for things
 like docs or meta were users when they started and are still users today.
 These are people who found something frustrating or broken or in need of
 help and decided to pitch in to make them better. The decision-makers are
 people who built up a reputation for consistently doing good work and have
 thusly been rewarded with community trust.

 None of the decisions currently driving docs team priorities on .org were
 taken lightly; all of them were weighed and considered and discussed in
 public spaces long before implementation began.

 So while the basis of several of your points are valid, the shape of your
 arguments lend a sense of aggressiveness that doesn't come across as
 particularly constructive or useful at this stage in the process. Things
 like renaming subdomains or completely overhauling the base approach are
 pretty much non-starters. Could have, would have, should have. We devised
 a roadmap and it's guided our approach pretty well so far.

 Shutting off edit Codex at some point is a very real possibility and will
 probably happen sooner than later now that HelpHub Phase I has been
 launched. We were in a crunch to get it launched in time for WordPress 5.0
 so Gutenberg user docs would have a place to live.

 We could be better about making feedback mechanisms both more available
 and transparent. If you're interesting in helping make that a reality,
 we'd love to have you.

 If I might give some advice to you as a new contributor in this space, it
 would be to give greater consideration for how your arguments come across
 going forward. We operate in the open here, and coloring arguments with
 hyperbole – like reducing five years of work writing, editing, and
 rewriting thousands of pages of docs – isn't going to advance positive
 discussion forward.

 It's OK to be frustrated, welcome to the club. We're all here to make
 WordPress documentation better. There's ''always'' things and processes we
 can improve, but it's a team effort.

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