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#3963: Plugin names have too little "weight" in the search algorithm
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Comment (by littlebizzy):

 > Related: #2642, #3327.

 Thanks @SergeyBiryukov had not found those tickets on first research (both
 have interesting ideas).

 One thing that none of these ideas take into account is that "changing
 things up" sometimes is one of the best solutions to users constantly
 seeing the same search results all the time.

 Not sure if you want to merge (or close) this ticket, but seems these are
 easiest options:

 * rotate algorithm a few times each year (e.g. Google)
 * reduce the weight of readme (this would also reduce stuffing)
 * increase the weight of plugin names and 150-word meta descriptions (e.g.
 force conciseness)

 Or more extensively:

 * introduce more serp "tabs" that might sort varied results (e.g. video
   * newest (oldest)
   * highest rated
   * most active installs (month/year/all time)
   * most downloads (month/year/all time)
   * trending
 * introduce a "similar plugins" feature at bottom/sidebar of plugin
 profile pages (like mobile app stores)
 * introduce plugin "categories" (like mobile app stores)
 * rotate "featured" plugins e.g. Editor's Choice

 This would blow up the plugin directory, and tempt back a lot more

 Keep in mind the next 10+ years, WordPress is competing with slick app
 stores like Shopify.

 More technical ideas simply will not work:

 * stemming word play
 * requiring "quotes" or slug-names (99% of users are clueless)
 * telling authors to get more reviews while simultaneously telling them
 not to spam the WP Admin
 * telling authors to not push updates too often while simultaneously
 ranking plugins based on how often they push updates and how updated their
 Tested Up To headers are, etc

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