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#3592: Dashboard Event Widget: Display 5 meetups instead of 3
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Comment (by Nao):

 Thanks @iandunn !

  The 400km range is only for WordCamps, for meetups the range is 100k.

 @casiepa and others mentioned this in Slack, thanks for confirming.

  It could affect some infrequent meetups, if they setup recurring events
 several months into the future.

 I didn't think of such a case. I agree that seeing 4+ upcoming meetups
 that are months away could be not so useful for users.

  We could avoid that by having the API only include meetups that are less
 than ~4 weeks away, though.

  I think it's also important to keep in mind that the original purpose of
 the widget wasn't to help insiders like us keep track of 100% of the
 events that we’re interested in; it was to introduce new people to their
 local WP community.

 It was not my intention to keep track of all events (We already have
 WordPress Events Calendar] for that in Japan). I get the feedback that the
 number of new attendees visibly increased for many meetup groups here,
 therefore the organizers are really eager to see their own event listed as
 soon as possible after scheduling one (they love this feature! and I think
 that's one of the reasons the number of meetups incresed this year).

 Generally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of using translation string to set
 a value for default configuration, but it sounds like a possible good
 solution for this. One downside I can think of is that it doesn't really
 work for transplant users who are using WP in their native language (e.g.
 someone who lives in Germany but is from Australia, using WP in en_AU).

  If we can find elegant ways to make the list of events more relevant to
 the user, though, that's definitely worthwhile. Maybe the API can look at
 the total number of upcoming events, and if there are more than ~3 in the
 next ~2 weeks, then it would remove some of the farther events from the
 response, so that events closer to the user are given precedence.

 I like this too, and I think it will work for Japanese users if the
 threshold is set right. For me, 100km is a quite long distance to travel
 for a short meetup. I originally said 100k for Tokyo, but now that I see
 the map more closely, 50k is probably a more reasonable number.

 As you said, the distance one's wiling to travel for a meeting can be very
 subjective. It will depend the public transportaiton system, car
 ownership, family and work situation, etc. I'm interested in hearing
 opinions from people in various situations.

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