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#3117: Schedule: Support sessions that span multiple time slots
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Comment (by mrwweb):

 That sounds great. I've never looked at the code before so I don't know
 what's in there.

 Calculating what a "slot" is and how many slots a session spans seems like
 a fairly complicated thing and I'm not sure how that would work. The user-
 friendly backend solution would be to enter a start time and then either
 an end time or session length. However, with both tables and grid, asking
 for a "rowspan" would be easier to layout but require experimentation from
 the editor. The former is trickier but probably the way to go.

 [https://2017.seattle.wordcamp.org/schedule/ The WC Seattle 2017 schedule]
 provides a lot of useful scenarios that anything new should be able to

 - Session spanning all tracks in one time slot
 - Session spanning some but not all tracks in one time slot
 - Session spanning multiple time slots (WP 101 workshop)
 - Session spanning multiple time slots and ending at a time that doesn't
 align with other time slots (JavaScript workshop)
 - Unequal time slots (1 hr session - 30 min lunch - 1 hr session) with
 heights that communicate relative difference.

 Making the markup accessible should be a high priority if rewritten. (The
 current table leaves a lot to be desired). This would definitely be a use-
 case for ''grid'' and not flexbox if not done with a table. That said,
 improved table markup might actually be fairly accessible as long as table
 headings are implemented correctly. Otherwise, the times for each session
 will need to be hidden somewhere in the markup so they're announced with
 each session.

 Potentially relevant resources for Grid:

 - https://gridbyexample.com/examples/example5/ (spanning columns/rows with
 - https://css-tricks.com/css-charts-grid-custom-properties/ (example of
 overlaying content over a "fixed" number of grid rows/columns that might
 apply well to the idea of an hourly grid)

 Finally, for sighted users, it's important that it's possible to style
 borders and/or striped rows on the sessions table (again, see the linked
 example) in order to enable easy scanning of the schedule.

 Before going any further, people should scan other camps in order to find
 other valuable edge-cases the [schedule] shortcode should support.

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