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Mon Sep 4 07:28:48 UTC 2017

#3097: Add a report mistake button to Translation editors UI
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 Sometimes when going through and translating projects, you might seem a
 string in the plugin (or theme) that has a spelling/grammar error in it.
 At the moment it sort of depends on your own opinion and that of the
 Locale team as to what you should do. I propose a new button for the UI
 that allows you to mark a translatable string or current translation as

 This should then provide some UI feedback (potentially an email as well)
 to the plugin/theme author that there is an incorrect string that needs
 fixing. This would ensure that strings are spelt correctly and also people
 are not translating incorrect strings regularly.

 I'd suggest the feedback of incorrect strings would sit on the Translation
 side of things and not cross over into the plugin/theme directory itself.
 Lastly, my current opinion is anyone can mark something as incorrect but
 only editors and authors of said package can see what is currently marked
 as such.

 Thoughts on this?

 I'd like to see a defined way of reporting such errors keeping inline with
 the current workflow of translations.

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