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#2753: Plugin directory search sorting and filtering
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Comment (by gibrown):

 Thanks for adding some mockups. Helps to think through some of the

 For sorting:
 - I'm going back and forth a bit on the word "popularity" and wondering if
 we should just say "relevance" which is at least open to interpretation
 - I'm not sure what sorting by plugin name would be? Alphabetical? What
 use cases does that solve for us? Also, we won't always be able to page
 through all of the results, so I think it would be a broken experience

 Looking at the original design some more, I don't really like that the
 search box is in the upper right of the current design. Makes it hard to
 find and therefore hard to adjust. Feels to me that it should be in the
 center of the page, and much bigger than the text that says: "Showing
 results for:"

 We also need someplace to display any filters that have already been added
 to the search. Maybe just below a more prominent search box with a set of
 filters using something like https://select2.github.io/examples.html#tags
 (though maybe something better than that).

 For faceting, I think we should have the facets on screen at all times on
 large screens. That may mean reworking how the current results are
 displayed, but should make the search more browsable and interactive. I
 guess on small screens the faceting will have to slide in, or not exist at

 I'd also love to just skip straight to doing a React UI for the search
 interface to make interacting much faster, but that would make the project
 a fair bit bigger I think (or at least it would make it harder for me to
 implement). I was looking at these for instance:

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