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#2647: search in plugin repository by contributors name does not find their
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 [5204] did not introduce the problem, that simply fixed it for the API

 Note that searching from a WordPress installation has a dropdown next to
 the search for Keyword, Tag, and Author searching. These appear to work
 correctly in my testing, and searching for an author with the Author
 selected will indeed return the correct results. That's what [5204] fixed.

 However, the Plugin directory search displayed on the website is
 essentially only returning the search results as if you're doing a
 "Keyword" search. Since author name is not in the index as part of the
 plugin description or changelog or what have you, then it won't be found
 by such a search on the website itself.

 I believe this is working as intended in this case, as the "author" fields
 are being specifically saved as such for those Author searches in the
 WordPress backend.

 If you wish to present a place for people to find your plugins, then the
 profiles page is best for that, as you have control over what plugins are
 displayed there. If you want to direct people how to find your plugins in
 the WordPress backend admin pages, for installation, then the Author
 search is available, as is the Tags search, which you have a fine grain of
 control over as well. Alternatively, simply putting author information
 into your description will work for that case as well, although given the
 profiles listing, the Author dropdown, and even Tags, this seems

 For these reasons, I'm closing this as wontfix for now. If at some point
 it makes sense to include that author information in the index as a
 searchable keyword, then this may be re-opened.

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