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Wed Mar 29 22:51:55 UTC 2017

#2642: Better boosting for phrase matches (or add support for the user to specify
a phrase)
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 There are a number of examples of users wanting to find a particular
 plugin. We used to support this with exact matching against slugs, but
 that has other downsides. In general, exact matches don't work great when
 the words in the plugin name are very generic and there are not that many
 of them. But when there are many words we can probably do better.

 Some examples:
 - "Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager"
 - "Post Tags and Categories for Pages"

 When the user has written a lot of characters, I'm wondering if we should
 increase the boosting of the phrase search. I experimented with higher
 boosting on this field at one point already and decided against it, though
 other things have changed since then.

 I think that just adding support for having the user specify the phrase by
 putting quotes around it would solve this use case and would be less
 likely to have bad effects for other searches. About 0.2% of all unique
 searches currently use quotes, so some users are already using them
 (though not many).

 I think the most compelling use case this adds support for is when a user
 wants to find a specific plugin to be able to get to the support forums.

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