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#2988: Create a landingpage for the Global WordPress Translation Day
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Comment (by melchoyce):

 Hey @zetaraffix, wanted to give your latest iterations some feedback:

 '''Landing Page'''
 - The color contrast is looking better!
 - The only place where I'm worried about contrast and readability is where
 the text overlaps the icons on each section. I'd recommend lowering the
 opacity on this images a bit more, and also moving the text over a bit to
 avoid overlaying the body text. I think the effect is okay just with the
 section headers.
 - Related, I think your line length could use shortening. In general, 45 –
 75 characters per line is recommended. More than that makes a paragraph
 harder to read. (Less can be okay, especially on smaller screens.)
 - I also think your line-height's a little low; maybe try bumping it up
 just a little? I like to use 1.4 – 1.6x the size of my body font.
 - In general, I think the content of the site (header, nav, page content,
 footer content) could benefit from having some sort of max-width when it's
 implemented so it doesn't get too loose on wide screens. Probably between
 800 – 1200px.

 '''Contact Page'''
 - Same issue with long lines of text — narrow that down a bit and I think
 you'll be better off. :)
 - I think the form should also be narrower. I find using the content of a
 form is a good way to determine the general length of the form fields. So,
 names and emails are probably okay being 250 – 400px wide.
 - I'd recommend combining your "first" and "last" name fields to be just
 one "full name" field, which is a little more inclusive of cultures that
 use different name formats.
 - You're missing a "submit" button design for your contact form. (That
 trips me up all the time when I'm designing forms, lol).

 Hope this helps! Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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