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#2998: Show nearby events in dashboard events widget in a per country basis
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Comment (by coreymckrill):

 The map illustration makes an excellent point. The API actually does have
 a way to just list events within a particular country rather than within a
 radius. However, it's not the default because there are some other
 examples where it wouldn't make sense to list events from anywhere within
 one particular country:

 * The United States and Australia are two examples of countries with large
 land areas and lots of WordCamps/meetups. Most people in Miami, Florida
 aren't going to care about a WordCamp or meetup in Seattle, Washington.
 * In some places in Europe, for example, the radius may cover multiple
 countries with relevant events. If you lived in France near the border
 with Switzerland, should the API omit a WordCamp happening in Geneva just
 because it's not in the same country?

 That said, there are probably ways that this could be improved to
 accommodate both scenarios. But first let's clarify the distinction
 between the Events API and the Events Widget. The Events API is where data
 is sent in order to retrieve relevant events, and where the logic is that
 defines the 100km and 400km radius areas. The Events Widget uses the API
 to display the events to users.

 So, some improvements could be done on the API side (which is what this,
 Meta Trac, is for) and some could be done for the Events Widget in the
 Dashboard itself, for which you would want to open a ticket in
 [https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ Core Trac] instead. Since this ticket is
 in Meta Trac, it should probably be reworded to focus on the API side of

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