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#164: Ability to "like" WordPress.org support forum messages
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Comment (by xkon):

 To further add a thought on the same topic it might be even better as well
 to have a counter of some sorts per like let's say so people can get a
 feeling of how well versed around things a regular user might be. For
 example there could be an extra counter of total likes/points lets say
 even as a plain number next to the users name ( see picture ). Think in
 the terms of a sellers rating.


 No matter how friendly people are on these forums, a newcomer has no idea
 about it and when a normal user just comes straight up giving you a code
 snippet to solve your problem some people might be curious of 'who they
 are and if they are to be trusted' etc. This could definitely give a
 little extra boost of morale to both the User Replying ( as he earns
 points ) and the User that posts a Question because he can trust straight
 away whoever comes replying.

 For example I'm always clicking on names to see forum stats and total
 replies just to even check out of curiosity how 'old' my co-speaker is in
 these forums as I'm new as well. Whenever I see a ton of posts I'm like
 'alright we're in good hands'. Basic psychology to be honest.

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