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#2918: Improve processes related to uploading a patch
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 As discussed in recent multisite office hours and then dev chat, it would
 be great if we could improve the processes that need to happen after
 uploading a patch to a Trac ticket.

 The initial idea was to automatically add the `has-patch` keyword once a
 new patch is uploaded and the keyword has not been set before. Even though
 a patch does not always fix the issue described in the ticket properly,
 the keyword should always be applied initially (before someone else
 possibly reviews the patch and changes the keywords again).

 However, there was criticism about that idea expressed by @jorbin, since
 people sometimes upload a wrong patch, then delete it and reupload a new
 one. This is a valid point, however I'm not sure if that's even a problem.
 If a patch is deleted and then reuploaded with the same name, it should
 not matter. It's something to further think about though.

 The alternative (or even complementary) approach is to somewhere show a
 note to briefly highlight what a contributor should do after uploading a
 patch, which currently is often not clear. It could be a notice such as
 "Please comment on the ticket, and briefly describe what the patch does.
 If you enhanced a previous patch, describe what you changed from that
 patch.". This is not only important for communication about the changes
 itself, but also so that people are pinged (as the patch upload itself
 does not trigger a ping).

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