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#2424: Add text of reviews to plugin search to improve search
 Reporter:  gibrown         |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement     |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal          |  Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3 - Future
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 Plugin search has a disconnect between the terminology that the plugin
 author uses and what an end user of the plugin uses. We should be able to
 help bridge this gap by indexing the text of reviews of the plugin. For
 plugins with a small number of reviews we will probably index all of the
 text. For very large plugins we can do some simple analysis of the reviews
 to pull out the important words (maybe using significant terms on an ES
 index of the support forums).

 - reviews are stored in the support forums (bbPress2)
 - There are 8.5m posts in the support forums and some (presumably large)
 number of comments

 Steps to make this happen:
 - Jetpack needs to be installed on the forums
 - Jetpack sync needs to be enabled to sync all posts and comments from the
 forums (and some amount of post meta probably)
 - An Elasticsearch index with all support forum threads needs to be
 - A new field(s) should be added to the plugin ES index containing data
 from the forums, and the all_content fields should have review data added
 to them
 - The search query needs to be modified to use the new field

 By completing steps 1, 2, and 3 the Jetpack search api will also be able
 to support searching within/across forums.

 The hardest and most unknown part of this (to me) is installing JP (and
 maybe debugging JP Sync if there are problems). The ES indices (including
 indexing bbPress2) is all stuff we've done before.

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