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Mon Jan 9 19:09:33 UTC 2017

#2367: Allow @see notation to reference classes
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 The `{@see ???}` notation currently supports referencing functions (e.g.
 `{@see get_posts()}`), class methods (e.g. `{@see WP_Query::get_posts()}`,
 and hooks (e.g. `{@see 'body_class'}`). However, it does not support
 referencing classes, which in its defense, it didn't need to do because
 core had never made use of such a reference.

 One such an instance was recently introduced into core, which currently
 incorrectly links `{@see Requests_Response}` as if it were a function

 `link_internal_element()` should be extended to support references to

 The change will likely see more usage in explanations and handbooks, where
 the syntax is also supported.

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