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#2365: Plugin Directory: Restore links to previous versions of plugin
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 In reference to: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2111

 I went looking for this in reviewing the new Plugin Directory and
 primarily to see where things had moved to and found this particular
 feature completely missing now. I checked Admin as well to see if maybe I
 missed it, but nope, the links to previous versions of the plugin are
 completely gone now.

 As a support lead for a very active plugin, we don't always have to send
 people to an easy download location for prior versions of our plugin, but
 I can tell you: When something breaks on update, the most important thing
 to do for that client is to get them working again. That often means (if
 they don't have a backup) to go download a prior version of the plugin. If
 you remove this functionality, we have no way of easily getting people to
 prior versions.

 PLEASE reinstate this, even if it's just down under the links hidden under
 the 'show more' by Contributors/Developers. BTW, hiding anything
 '''important''' (all the Developer Meta) behind a show more window shade
 is not terribly 'usable'.

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