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#3327: Searching with exact plugin name has it on page 3 of results
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Comment (by magicroundabout):

 Same issue for me. I was trying to install "WP Help" from

 Here's the scenario: I know the exact name of the plugin. I want to
 install it into WordPress through the Dashboard.

 Here's what should happen: Because I know the exact name of the plugin, I
 should be able to type it in and have it display as the first result.

 Here's what actually happened:

 * I typed "WP Help" into the search box.
 * Loads of stuff came up, none of which were Mark Jaquith's plugin
 * I scrolled through a few pages before getting frustrated and trying to
 come up with another plan.
 * I see the tabs: "Search Results | Featured | Popular | Recommended |
 Favourites" - none of them are any good
 * I THINK the plugin slug is "wp-help" so I search for that. Still can't
 find it.
 * I go to WordPress.org and try the same search there. Nothing helpful.
 * At this point I'm thinking that the plugin has been removed from
 wordpress.org - OH NO!!
 * As a last ditch attempt, I try using the slug to generate a URL that
 might show me the plugin - I type https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-help/
 into my browser
 * Hooray! It's there.
 * So how the heck to I get a plugin that I know exists, that I know works,
 that I know the slug/URL of into my WP install without doing
 * Back in my WP dashboard, I notice the dropdown by the search: "Keyword |
 * I select "Author" and type "jaquith" - there's gotta only be one
 jaquith, right?
 * "No plugins found"
 * Maybe it doing a "query*" search rather than a "*query*" search. I try
 searching for "Mark"
 * "No plugins found"
 * Seriously? There are no plugins in the repo written by anyone with the
 name Mark? Wow!
 * OK - favourites. Let's try that.
 * Back to wordpress.org/plugins/wp-help - I click the heart icon to
 * Back in my WP dashboard I click "Favourites" and enter my username
 * Yay! The plugin appears and I can install and activate it.

 WOW! That was REALLY hard work. I'm an advanced user. This is not how it
 should be.


 1. A search match on an exact, or at least case-insensitive match, plugin
 name from either the WP Dashboard or on w.org/plugins should show the
 exact match first in the list
 2. If that's not reasonable, then can an "exact name search" option be
 3. If that's not possible, then can an exact slug match work?
 4. Author search needs fixing. It seems to work on wordpress.org username
 and doesn't work on a partial. Searching for "markjaquith" got me results
 5. It's possible that the WP dashboard excludes plugins that don't state
 compatibility with your WP version. If this is the case, can a button/link
 be added that says "Show incompatible plugins" so that a) people know
 incompatible plugins exist and aren't being shown, and b) people can view
 them if they want to?

 I found this frustrating as an advanced user. I work with clients who have
 sites. If I was giving instructions on installing a plugin over the phone
 this would have been a nightmare and probably wouldn't have been solved.

 Happy to help work on solutions.

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