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#1396: Allow Plugin pages to be oembedded like WP Posts
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Comment (by Otto42):

 Okay, I see that there was some confusion about this over in Slack, so
 I'll explain the concept a bit better.

 Ever since 4.4, WordPress has had "Embeds" as a feature:

 Basically, when you link to a WordPress post, instead of it just showing a
 link, it shows that neat little embedded box with more info and share
 buttons and the like.

 The way this works internally is a bit irrelevant, but the short of it is
 that the box is an iframe to the post with /embed/ after it. Like this:

 The Plugins directory now runs WordPress, so it has embeds too:

 The design for this box is adjustable. Easily so, because all you have to
 do is to make an embed.php in the theme and that gets used for that box

 Now, you can design that box any way you like. Has to be a box because it
 goes into an iframe on sites, but still, no real limits.

 So, the idea is to design a box that looks better than the default box.
 One which has useful information about the plugin, which links to it, and
 so on. Doesn't have to have a Share button, as such, but that would be

 The design I show above I stole straight from the existing "cards" in the
 plugin directory. Doesn't have to look like that, necessarily. That was
 just already there and thus easy to do.

 So, that's the goal. Design a box that has useful information about a
 single plugin. It should fit into a reasonably small space. The default
 space for the iframe is 600x338, but that's adjustable if needed.

 Don't worry too much about the code, that's the easiest part of the
 problem to do for us. :)

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