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#174: Link to generally related functions/classes
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Comment (by keesiemeijer):

 Replying to [comment:32 DrewAPicture]:

 If the `@subpackage` tags would be consistent it would be a good way to
 group posts together at a higher level (instead of title and file words).

 I've updated the plugin. It now also looks for similar (lowercase) words
 as the `@subpackage` tags. I've also created a
 posts/blob/master/inc/synonyms.php synonym lists] of words to connect the
 posts better. [https://stoerke.be/reference/reference/ The results] have
 improved but not to a point where we can use it.

 With only stemming and synonyms a post can have up to 200 related posts.
 What's difficult is deciding what's still related and where to set the
 cut-off point. For now I've set it to show only the top 25 related posts
 or less. Because of this it could be that better related words don't show
 up where you would expect them. Functions like `is_*` and `has_*` are
 mostly related by the filename. They now also get a synonym of `exist` to
 better relate them.

 I don't think we can do much more with only stemming and synonyms. I like
 the idea of adding a prompt to suggest related components or posts. Maybe
 we can re-use the explanations functionality to moderate these
 suggestions. I will look into it.

 We should also think about how a components list would look like.

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