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#3082: WordPress.org usernames displayed publicly
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 First, I wanted to say that I've already read that changing, hiding, as
 well as deleting a username is not a possibility as mentioned here:


 However, I would like to provide my personal feedback on this issue. I'm
 not sure why everyone else wants to change their username or delete it,
 but my reason is for security purposes.

 Almost every website I've ever used has you create a username that is only
 used for logging in, and is not displayed online for the world to see.
 Just like an email address, a username (which is defined by most of the
 internet as only as a login credential) should not be something that is
 made publicly available by a platform for everyone to see.

 I also feel it is pointless to have a user create a display name and a
 username as well if both of them are displayed/publicly available.

 I can understand how changing this may be a big undertaking. But I would
 recommend that from this point on that there is a '''warning for every new
 user that their username will be made publicly available for everyone to
 see''', that way they understand they '''do not''' want to use a username
 they've created on a different website.

 Please consider either warning new users about how you publicly display
 usernames, '''or working on a possibility of making the username
 invisible''' to others. Otherwise, more users will find themselves stuck
 in my position where they need to consider changing their username on
 several websites (as well as getting used to yet another username on the
 web) in order to make sure their login credentials aren't being displayed
 for the public.

 Thanks for your consideration.


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