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#3036: Profiles: Add/update Community Team badge(s)
 Reporter:  hlashbrooke  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:
Component:  Profiles     |   Keywords:
 Post and discussion for reference:

 We currently have one badge for the Community Team and it is auto-assigned
 to all WordCamp organisers. It is labelled {{{Community Team}}} and uses
 {{{.dashicons-groups}}} ({{{f307}}}) with {{{#11799d}}} as the colour.

 We need to make the following changes:

 1. The current badge must be renamed to {{{Community Contributor}}} and
 the current auto-assigning mechanism for it must remain the same.
 2. A new badge must be added with the label {{{Community Team}}}.
 3. This new badge will use the same icon and colour as the current badge,
 but must have a distinct background/fill colour, namely {{{#b5dbe8}}}.

 The following people must get the new badge:

 * @myselfkhayer
 * @adityakane
 * @andreamiddleton
 * @bph
 * @brandondove
 * @camikaos
 * @carl-alberto
 * @yaycheryl
 * @courtneypk
 * @thewebprincess
 * @drebbitsweb
 * @emanuelblagonic
 * @francina
 * @hlashbrooke
 * @ibonazkoitia
 * @miss_jwo
 * @jimtrue
 * @psykro
 * @chanthaboune
 * @kcristiano
 * @enigmaweb
 * @mayukojpn
 * @meaganhanes
 * @defries
 * @remediosgraphic
 * @_dorsvenabili
 * @sheriebeth

 In addition,  would it be possible for myself (@hlashbrooke) to be given
 access to edit the list of people who have this new Community Team badge?
 We are training new deputies for the team at the moment and it would be
 great if I could assign them the badge when they are ready for it (instead
 of having to ask someone to do it each time).

 All of this will bring the Community Team badge system in line with the
 other profile badges and will allow us to manage things properly going
 forward. It will also correctly recognise the people who make valuable
 contributions to the Community Team, but who do not currently have that
 sort of public recognition.

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