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#2776: Plugin Directory: Improve responsive design of tabs
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Comment (by jb510):

 Replying to [comment:4 mapk]:
 > Replying to [comment:2 webdevmattcrom]:
 > > @jb510 I think horizontal space is a major concern with keeping the
 logo. Some plugins have very long titles. Examples:
 > I'm all for keeping the avatar hidden on the smaller viewports as well.

 I understand the concern for horizontal space, but vertical space is an
 issue too. The banner adds nothing of value on mobile.  Using mobile first
 principles the banner should get added when there is extra space but isn't
 really needed at smaller sizes.  There should be some visual indicator,
 but the logo/avatar is sufficient for that.  Maybe have the logo left of
 the text, maybe above and inline with fav/download. I just don't think
 laying out the download button above the title makes much sense.

 Then (excuse the mockup doesn't show this) we could put the rating and
 active install count on that same line.  These two things (from the users
 tests I watched) seemed to be the most important info for people, but on
 mobile they're demoted to bottom of the page.

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