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#2631: Plugin Directory: No way to view Recently Updated plugins
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Comment (by djr):

 Replying to [comment:2 Otto42]:
 > I have to ask the same questions that I ask of people wanting to see
 "new" plugins.
 > Why? What benefit does this give you?
 > This is not a facetious question, I truly want to know, why would you
 even care about a list of new or updated plugins? People install plugins
 to fix issues or solve problems. I do not understand why a list of random
 new or updated stuff is in any way helpful.

 I already explained in the linked comment on the Make post, but to help
 move the discussion forward, let me explain some more.

 Personally I use /updated/ to have a good overview which plugins are being
 actively worked on. I actively follow plugin development via the Plugin
 Directory and have several plugins I have not installed yet, but are very
 promising for our use case (now or in the future when we are expanding
 parts of the site). Sometimes they lack feature A, sometimes feature B,
 some stall for a while and some are thriving by the competition by similar
 plugins in the repo of which I may have competitor A installed, but am
 checking upon the releases of competitor B to see if this will be a better
 fit. Some plugin authors may suddenly offer a very interesting premium
 version of their plugin which I read about in their changelogs.

 /updated/ gives me exactly this insight. I keep tabs on the development of
 several dozens plugins just by browsing /updated/ several times per week.

 And before you say: just add them to your Favourites. Favourites doesn't
 provide any sort ordering, except default name ordering.

 > Understand that in my view, a list of "updated" plugins is basically a
 reason for plugin authors to spam us with updates. It is something to be
 specifically avoided. Because it attracts spammers abusing our systems.

 I know and understand, as I have reported several of them over the course
 of time myself. Let the community help the plugin team here by providing
 us with means of reporting the biggest offenders. In my experience over +5
 years (maybe more) of actively visiting and browsing the plugin repo,
 abuse is very very limited (and mostly by plugin authors of very, very
 simple plugins which just include one Javascript file or inserting an
 extra line in header or footer). I

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