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#2632: Plugin Directory: Remove full output of last two reviews
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Comment (by jb510):

 More than a +1.  Three related thoughts here.

 First, any "two reviews" is going to be a problem whether chosen by
 chronology or by approximate rating (Sam's suggestion). I think most would
 agree that the build of reviews are unfortunately crap. Hence the odds are
 that "any two reviews" selected by either means are going to be crap.  The
 really useful reviews aren't the ones that are near the mean or most
 recent. They're the ones that say something meaningful to the person
 looking at using the plugin.  The only way to make "two reviews" helpful
 to rank them by helpfulness.  That is to do a "This review was Helpful /
 not helpful" system and then highlight the most helpful positive and
 negative reviews.  Essentially clone Amazon.

 Second, when one does click through to "Read all XX reviews" they get a
 very unfriendly BBPress list of titles with no excerpts, so they now are
 presented with less useful information than before which they're clicking
 in/our of endless to find useful information.  I know this is outside the
 scope here, but excerpts, at least the first sentence would be super
 helpful on that page, along with "helpfulness" rankings.

 Third, what I really think should happen is the review get pulled out of
 the main column and put into the sidebar below the progress bars
 (5/4/3/2/1 star review bars).  Then below the progress bars show the most
 helpful positive and critical review.  As an added bonus this would also
 help with the excessively long single page format.

 In the mean time, I'd take the reviews w/ excerpts completely of the
 single page view.  Just show a link to "read more".  It's not ideal, but
 at least it's not misleading.

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