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#2365: Plugin Directory: Restore links to previous versions of plugin
 Reporter:  jimtrue           |       Owner:  obenland
     Type:  defect            |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3.0
Component:  Plugin Directory  |  Resolution:  fixed
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Comment (by FolioVision):

 Thanks Konstantin for adding back this much needed feature. Now we just
 need the tabs back and we'll enjoy a fit for purpose plugin directory

 BTW, when both Chris Lema and Foliovision agree on something, you know
 you've done something really wrong.

 Mika you wrote:

 > Everyone: Can we not carry on with the "me too" posts? This is coming
 from someone who wants the feature back :)

 Everywhere during the development of the new plugin directory, Samuel,
 Konstantin and Alex used the excuse there was not enough developer
 feedback and people don't care about these features (I've already left
 notes above what I think of the development and feedback process). You
 telling us to quiet down is the height of hypocrisy. If we don't say
 enough we don't care. If we say something we're too noisy. Lately there's
 been a lot of talk of WordPress.org and Automattic arrogance. Your post is
 a perfect example. WordPress.org appears to have moved back to pre-Magna
 Carta feudalism. The king can take our lands and any baron who raises
 his/her voice is banned, executed or imprisoned in the Tower.

 This though  is not just a me too or a complaining post.

 I'm very unhappy with the language around these versions. It's very
 alarmist. These versions are not just for testing purposes.

 > Previous versions of this plugin may not be secure or stable and are
 available for testing purposes only.

 I'd recommend something more neutral like:

 > For security reasons, WordPress.org recommends running the latest
 version of a plugin unless you have good reason not to such as removed
 features or compatibility.


 > Older versions may not be secure. Handle with care.

 In any case, the word stable should not be here. Why would the earlier
 versions not be stable?

 We could then go a bit further and start to mark with red asterisk
 versions which are known insecure. I know there are quite a few databases
 of WordPress and plugin security issues we could pull from. That's an
 additional feature and lots of extra work so I just mention it, I do not
 recommend it. [https://foliovision.com/2017/02/github-wordpress GitHub
 integration] would be much easier to build and more useful.


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