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#2632: Plugin Directory: Remove full output of last two reviews
 Reporter:  brianhogg          |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal             |   Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3 - Future
Component:  Plugin Directory   |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  ux-feedback        |
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Comment (by Ipstenu):

 If you just want to +1 or say 'wow' please use the "Watch this ticket"
 option instead. While we appreciate everyone's insight here, the more
 people reply to say "Me too!" the harder it gets to keep up with the
 productive end of the conversation. Basically you make it spammy :) It's
 unintentional, I know, but that's why we love the watch stars! That tells
 us "These are people who care about this."

 There needs to be some sort of balance here. I agree, showing the last two
 is a bit unfair, because anyone can be subject to the Vote Mob Mentality
 that happens sometimes. Note: This goes both ways. I've seen far more
 cases of someone spamming their own reviews by incentivizing them in order
 to get all 5 stars than I have them being hit by competitors being jerks.

 Looking at Amazon, I see "top" reviews and IIRC those are calculated by a
 combination of recent + 'this review was helpful/unhelpful' marks. In the
 long run, I think if we added that kind of functionality, which would
 allow users to flag reviews as helpful/unhelpful would be a better
 approach. but... Even with that in mind, I see a lot of Amazon reviews
 that have a 'top' of low-starred reviews, which tells me that ... people
 are people.

 Now. We're pretty much all in agreement that this can be better. What we
 need to figure out is a workable and more just ''algorithm'' or even an
 idea of what shape this would be to make things fair.

 What won't work is allowing developers to pick the reviews. Sorry but
 that's too ripe for abuse and we have more trouble than it's worth today
 with developers using unfair and unethical practices for garnering more
 reviews. Too many devs have spoiled that one.

 We don't currently have a way to track helpful/unhelpful reviews, though,
 which means we're starting from ground zero. Otto, is that even a

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