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#1692: Plugin search quality improvements
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Comment (by rglennnall):

 i found this thread when i was about to start a "suggestions" post
 regarding the current search features. am glad to hear that it's being

 my personal thoughts were initially that, as often as i return to plugins
 depository, it sure would be nice if i could mark certain plugins as ones
 i've already seen, and are satisfactory to me, or not, in some way.
 There's a Favorites HEART already, so i was just thinking something along
 those lines. "Seen It - Has Potential" "Seen It - Not Worth a 2nd Look",

 especially after having downloaded and tested a plugin to find real
 deficiencies, it's frustrating to then, months later, spending time going
 back to the plugin page and ultimately remembering, "oh, yeah, I've
 already tested this - it broke my website..."

 thanks for ya'lls consideration of something simple like this. would save
 many people with poor memories loads of time, i think.


 Replying to [ticket:1692 tellyworth]:
 > We need some improvements to ElasticSearch relevance scoring, and
 possibly data storage and indexing, in order to produce better quality
 > Some ideas for indicators of good quality results:
 > * A search for a general term like "gallery" or "shopping cart" should
 favour plugins that have been updated relatively recently, are popular,
 and tested-up-to recent stable releases of WP.
 > * A search for a plugin name, or partial name, that is relatively unique
 (such as "akismet" or "super cache"), should show that plugin as the top
 > * A search for a partial plugin name that is somewhat generic (such as
 "contact form" or "wordpress seo") should show that plugin near the top
 result, provided it is recent and popular.
 > * Plugins that are abandoned, have few active installs, or possible
 compatibility issues, should be ranked lower or not shown at all in search
 > The approximate active install count, modified date, and tested-up-to
 version, are already indexed, and should go a long way towards ranking
 results appropriately.

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