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#1720: post-commit svn hook
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 After each commit we'll need to reparse the plugins affected by the

 The existing plugins directory doesn't use a post-commit hook, rather, it
 simply parses from last-parsed-revision to current-revision.
 It does this as parsing is an expensive process and processing each plugin
 as the commit happens will result in a large number of processes running
 in parallel during high commit scenario's.

 With that in mind, we need to
  * Upon SVN commit, mark a plugin as needing to be parsed
  * Process the i18n imports
  * Invalidate ZIPs affected by the commit
  * Not run the import on svn commit, but rather through some form of queue
 system (a job system such as cavalcade preferably or a custom cron job if
 need be)
  * Not run too many imports concurrently to avoid resource exhaustion, or
 plugins.svn becoming unresponsive (it happens)
  * Not run two imports for the same plugin at the same time (ie. commit
 123 and commit 1234 both touch plugin-x, shouldn't result in two parallel
 imports, but one after the other *at most*)

 Not strictly part of this, but this is also where we should kick off any
 code-scanning jobs.

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