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#1686: New Submission Form - Cannot Speficy Name
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 In looking at the new form, it defaults the name to the value of "plugin
 name" in your main plugin file.

 Drafted language for the submission page:

 > Your plugin’s URL will be populated based on the value of Plugin Name in
 your main plugin file. If you set yours as Plugin Name: Boaty McBoatface
 then your URL will be https://wordpress.org/plugins/boaty-mcboatface and
 your slug will be boaty-mcboatface for example. If there is an existing
 plugin with your name, then you will be boaty-mcboatface-2 and so on. It
 behaves exactly like WordPress post names.


 This makes it hard for developers to let us know that maybe they wanted
 'halfelf-mcboatface' for the URL while the Plugin Name is 'Boaty
 McBoatface by the Super Elf, Mika!'

 Plus this actually *increases* the probability of what @otto42 refers to
 as "Poorly thought out names" (only he says it in Otto-ese).

 We often get submissions like "Jumpstart Your Jetpack with Booster Gold!
 He's From the Future!" which would have a really silly URL: jumpstart-

 I wanted to write this:

 > The plugin name you submit here will become the URL of the plugin in the
 directory (aka your plugin’s slug) and it is not changeable after
 approval. The plugin name works exactly like the WordPress post title
 does. If you submit “My Cool Product Name” then your plugin URL will
 become https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-cool-product-name and your slug
 will be my-cool-product-name, which may not be what you wanted.
 > We recommend you leave out small words like ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘with’, etc.
 You can submit your plugin name as the desired slug (ex booster-pack-gold
 instead of “Booster Pack for Jetpack – Gold Edition”, which would be
 booster-pack-for-jetpack--gold-edition) to ensure you get the best slug
 for your plugin.

 Which leads me to ask if there's a way we could have a final check? "Your
 plugin has passed it's uploader checks and, when approved, your URL will
 be https://wordpress.org/plugins/boaty-mcboatface" - Is this URL
 acceptable? [yes/no dropdown]"

 And the dropdown, if no, would have a text field for you to rename it.

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