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#1570: Reviewer Admin
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 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3 - M1
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 Is there any plan with regards to the primary existing pain point when
 having multiple plugin reviewers: the potential for multiple plugin
 reviewers to step on each other's toes by inadvertently reviewing the same
 plugin at the same time?

 A solution might suggest needing:

 * Another post status ("under-review")
 * A simple means for a reviewer to claim a plugin (action link in post
 table and/or button on edit page) and to unclaim the plugin (should they
 decide not to proceed with review).
 * To store reviewer as post meta
 * A post column to show reviewer
 * A post table filter link to easily take a reviewer to plugins they have
 under-review. (Though we could limit reviewers to only claiming one at a
 time, in which case this view wouldn't be necessary and we could just have
 an admin notice above the plugin posts table saying something like `You
 are currently reviewing <a href="">Plugin Name</a>`.)
 * To separately store who approved the plugin, again as post meta. (The
 person may differ from reviewer and recording this may be beneficial for
 future auditing)
 * Possible safeguards to only permit the user who claimed a plugin for
 review (and admins, of course) to act as the plugin's reviewer (such as
 being able to mark a plugin as some form of reviewed).
 * Possible ability to assign a plugin to another reviewer/admin for

 In such a setup, reviewers should only proceed with reviews of plugins
 that they've successfully claimed.

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