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#859: Warn WordCamp organizers when their site is in Coming Soon mode
 Reporter:  iandunn                     |       Owner:  iandunn
     Type:  enhancement                 |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal                      |   Milestone:
Component:  wordcamp.org                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  good-first-bug needs-patch  |
Changes (by iandunn):

 * keywords:  good-first-bug => good-first-bug needs-patch


 Thanks @JayantiC, this is a good good first pass attempt.

 While there are always multiple ways to solve a problem, often WordPress
 has a specific way of doing things, and there are a few changes that need
 to be made to conform to that. I also have a couple general
 recommendations to improve the code, and some minor nitpicky things just
 to make it perfect.

 == Major changes ==

 * Functions should only do 1 thing, so `display_coming_soon_notice()`
 should be modularized.
 * Rather than using JavaScript to print messages in the DOM at runtime,
 there is a WP action you can use to hook into the rendering process of the
 Publish metabox.
 * Rather than using JavaScript to disable the Publish button, use
 WordPress' capabilities system to remove the  `publish_posts` capability.
 See `current_user_can()`.
 * Use `get_current_screen()` instead of the `$pagenow` global. Accessing
 globals directly should be avoided whenever possible. the API functions
 are the best way to get/set data because they're forwards-compatible and
 will avoid creating an unintended side-effects
 * You'll need to check that only the `post` post type is affected.
 Otherwise custom custom post types like Speakers would also be prevented
 from publishing.

 == Minor changes ==

 * There's no need to pass `$this` by reference when registering the action
 * `add_node()` should be used instead of `add_menu()`, since `add_menu()`
 is an alias for `add_node()`.
 * Use the reference to `$wp_admin_bar` that gets passed by the
 `admin_bar_menu` action handler, rather than accessing the global directly
 * Check out WordPress' coding standards for PHP; there are several things
 related to indentation, spacing, and Yoda conditionals that need to be
 * When localizing strings, only the text itself should be translated, not
 the surrounding CSS, etc.
 * The plugin uses the `wordcamporg` text domain, rather than `coming-soon`

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