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#1571: Plugin Author Admin
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Comment (by Otto42):

 Okay, so, existing Role explanation:

 Plugins don't have "Authors" or "Owners" in the current system.

 Plugins have:

 - Committers. These are people who have commit access to the plugin's SVN
 tree. Committers can add new committers by w.org usernames, and remove
 existing committers (including, until recently, themselves, to much
 hilarity for all involved).
 - Contributors. These are people who are listed in the readme.txt file and
 who thus show up as the "Authors" of the plugin on the plugin page. This
 also affects their profile on profiles.wordpress.org, as in those plugins
 show up on their profile.
 - "Primary Author". This is a mostly unused field which is the author of
 the "topic" in the bbPress installation. It is the original submitter of
 the plugin entry, and though we retain it (and serve the information as
 "author" in the API), it is unused by pretty much everything. We keep it
 around for historical information only. It occasionally comes in handy
 when resolving disputes as to who "owns" a plugin, but mostly it's
 useless. Note that this can be changed on the plugin Admin screen by
 directory Administrators, but not by anybody else. We don't change it
 without a valid reason. Again, historical context.
 - Administrators (plugin reviewers). All reviewers have admin access to
 the plugin directory. They can see closed plugins, disabled plugins
 (hidden but which still serve updates), and the Admin screen for all
 plugins. They can change any data.
 - Moderators. We don't use this in the current bbPress system. Admin or
 nothing. This is room for expansion in the new system if needs be.

 Like themes, plugin committers have no backend access. Only access to the
 special "Admin" button on the front end, which grants them the ability to
 add or remove other plugin committers. This gives them, as one would
 guess, commit access to that plugin's SVN directory, after the sync
 process which happens once an hour. Nothing more than that.

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