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#1858: Tickets page should have a big "New ticket" button.
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 I'm at WordCamp Brighton Contributor Day. Kinda pretending I'm a newbie
 dev (when actually, I'm one step above newbie)

 I want to raise trac tickets.

 I go to the handbook to find out how to raise tickets. Let's say I'm on:

 I then decide that I'm happy with the process and want to begin.

 I remember seeing a big blue "Raise ticket button". You see this on


 Wondering how I get to this button, I click "Tickets", which seems like
 the obvious place to go to raise a ticket.


 When I click this there is no clear option to raise a ticket. It IS
 further down the screen, but the cognitive load required to get to that
 point is pretty high.


 I'd like to suggest that the big blue button be added to the top-level
 tickets screen.

 I had considered that maybe the additional friction/congitive load
 required to open a new ticket on the tickets page was intentional: we want
 you to have to think before raising a ticket. But this is not consistent
 with the big blue button on core.track.wordpress.org

 Could we at least strive for consistency? Either use the blue button in
 places you might want to raise a ticket, or not use it?

 And yes, I know (now) that there's a page-with-pencil icon for new
 tickets. But this is far from obvious:


Ticket URL: <https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1858>
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